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Over 30+ years of OEM & logistic experience


Northup TEK


We are an American manufacturer of stylish bags for fashion, outdoor and activities. The company was founded with a mission to create everyday lifestyle-enhancing bags that express personailities with functionality and affordable prices. We believe in giving back. 10% of net profits supports Rainbow Missions to enpower people with disability in China for better education, better job opportunity and better inner personal health.

Northup TEK


We are serious, reliable and financially stable

We have tremendous market knowledge

We keep up with the latest style and make anything you can imagine

Our goal is to establish long term relationship

We ensure quality needed and shipment on time

We provide exclusive services

We are family owned. Stay true to our roots.

We beleive in hoest and open communication

We beleive in social and environmental awareness and responsibility

We value our customers

We deliever more than our promise

We focus on high quality, good workmanship, on time delivery and affordable price


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